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Tasty Gift Basket

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This Tasty Gift Basket includes an assortment of delectable We Roast Nuts treats like Deluxe Mix, Christmas Mix, Imported treats, and more! 

The Surprise Gift Basket contains twelve (11) items.

1 x Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Rocher (Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts Chips)

1 x Milk Chocolate Pistachio Rocher (Milk Chocolate with Pistachio Paste and Walnuts)

1 x Cedar Root Pistachio & Cranberry Nougat

1 x Layer Snack (Marzipan - Pistachio Nougat - Pistachio Paste)

1 x Ritter Sport Chocolate Bar 

1 x Pistachio Bar

1 x Large Soft Nougat Bar

1 x 70% Dark Chocolate covered Pretzels 

1 x Dry Roasted Deluxe Mix (Jumbo Cashews - Salted Almonds - Salted Pistachios)

1 x We Roast Nuts Christmas Mix (Jumbo Salted Cashews-Milk Chocolate covered Almonds-Butter Roasted Almonds-Sugar coated Peanuts)

1 x Milk and White Chocolate Caffe Latte covered Almonds